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Our team and expertise


Since the European Commission proposed the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) in July 2021, our team of experts has closely monitored its evolution, acquiring in-depth knowledge of its technical, legal, and financial aspects. Our multidisciplinary team now combines expertise in environmental policy, global carbon pricing mechanisms, customs procedures, life cycle analysis (LCA), and advanced software engineering. This broad and essential spectrum of knowledge positions us ideally to manage all CBAM-related requirements on your behalf.


Through engaging in extensive conversations with EU policymakers and companies involved in importing and exporting goods impacted by this legislation, we have significantly enhanced our understanding of the CBAM’s influence on various market actors. This process has not only solidified our understanding of the issue but also strengthened our conviction in the need for a more user-friendly solution. Additionally, it has equipped us to put forward constructive suggestions aimed at enhancing the operational effectiveness of the official EU Transitional Registry.


Moving forward, our roadmap involves expanding our software offerings and integrating our services with our clients’ IT infrastructures. As we closely monitor international regulatory developments and market trends, our aspirations for ClimEase reach far beyond mere CBAM compliance. We aim to establish ClimEase as the worldwide software backbone that facilitates the effortless operation of financial carbon border taxes, thus removing a significant barrier to the decarbonisation of the global heavy industry.

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