Coordinate supplier outreach and automate CBAM reporting

Preparing for CBAM compliance is crucial for importers. At ClimEase, we provide you with tailored checklists and comprehensive resources to ensure you are fully equipped to meet the upcoming regulatory requirements with efficiency and precision. Our role-specific guides are designed to streamline your compliance process, reduce risks, and optimize your operations. Download your customized checklist today and stay ahead of the curve with ClimEase
  • Detailed indications on how to estimate 2026 CBAM certificate costs
  • Personalised CBAM penalty range
  • Useful links for financial incentives
  • Guidance on detailed CBAM requirements and timeline
  • Key differences between CSRD and CBAM
  • Clarification on CBAM emission calculation methodologies (EU Method) and aligned ISO certificates
  • New supplier contract requirements due to CBAM
  • Critical technology insights for identifying green suppliers
  • Understand which products (CN codes) fall under CBAM certificates
  • You only need 4 datapoints per product

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