The ClimEase Software

Benefits for Importers

Automated CBAM Reporting
Save time by integrating ClimEase into your existing IT system and download your auto-generated CBAM report from our software  every quarter

Data from the ClimEase Exporter software will directly flow into the EU importer’s CBAM report without the need for slow email communication and excel templates

Share access to the CBAM software with your suppliers to help them measure and report CBAM emissions in compliance with the strict EU Method.

By making sure suppliers follow the official EU Method, you’ll set the baseline for the most precise and real-time emissions and financial risk calculations taking in consideration future developments of supplier’s decarbonisation efforts

Supplier engagement does not stop at tier 1 but covers the whole lengths of the supply chain, like the CBAM emission calculation scope enforces. Remember: for CBAM goods, most emissions happen within the first two production processes. A far reaching tool is therefore vital

Rank and compare your suppliers to evaluate potential reshuffle and prepare a supply chain decarbonisation plan with clear priorities

Visualise your total CBAM certificate exposure and forecast it beyond 2030 thanks to on platform access to future values of EU (ETS) allowances (EUAs).

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The ClimEase Software

Benefits for Exporters

Measure emissions according to CBAM rules

Follow the structure of our CBAM-certified software, understand what data to input into the system and save lots of time and resources

Like for importers, we provide you with a CBAM risk visualization dashboard that tracks emissions at facility and process level to give an optimal baseline for a precise decarbonisation strategy


Automatically generate downloadable reports to be attached with your invoice to European clients.

Benefit from accredited partner verifiers and accelerate your 2026 CBAM obligations

We only share information strictly needed for CBAM compliance and keep your granular input data safely stored within your account

We understand the EU method might be challenging; this is why we offer an on-demand onboarding sessions with Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) expert that can clearly explain you the requirements and guide you hand-in-hand through our software